Our Story

Sopchoppy Spices is a family-owned business located in Sopchoppy, Florida.
Phil S. is an entrepreneur, and his daughter Kylie share their passion for food.
Phil explains in his book “Dad’s Role” the importance of being a role model and
shares his experience as a single parent. As Kylie is being Homeschooled,
Sopchoppy Spices has become the perfect model for Kylie to learn how her
passion for food can be turned into an education like no other.

Our Spices are always fresh and of the highest quality we can source and blend.
We always keep our customers in mind throughout the whole process. We
understand our client’s expectations and will always put our 100% effort to
meet those. After all, we are customers too.

Another feature that we offer are our “Personalized Spice Jars”. When we
started to create these Custom Label Spices the feedback was outstanding. It
was Kylie that suggested how nice it would be to do this as a business. This
immediately went from a hobby to a Business Plan

Our online “Personalized Spice Jar Customizer” allows our customers to easily
design and upload images to create their very own personalized spice jars. This
can make a wonderful addition to any kitchen as well as a fantastic gift. How
nice would it be to order a personalized spice jar set for your friends, family,
clients and more.

We would like to thank you all for visiting our website and hope our products
and services can bring happiness to your kitchen.
Phil and Kylie

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